Keith’s Book

My book “Listening for a Silent God” published by Christian Faith Publishing in 2023 is a very personal exploration of why Christian’s suffer and a deeper logical discussion of the nature of God.

In coming to Christ as a youth and subsequent Biblical learning in my church, my understanding of God was that He has an all loving, all knowing and completely just nature. After the death of my father, I began to question everything but more specifically I began to question the teaching of election and how this relates to the nature of God.

My book talks about many aspects of faith, suffering and feeling that God has abandoned His people and what scripture teaches about those core topics in our lives as Christians.

I hope you like the book. It was a labor of love for nearly 10 years and is an honest and raw account of my “dark night of the soul” journey.

Click here to purchase the book on Amazon and thanks for your interest in my work!